10 Gifts That Will Make Your Soul Happy

by Jessie Gardner December 08, 2016

Cheers to the gift-giving mantra of the year: GIVE WITH SOUL! Since I’m in the yummy soulful gift-giving game, I’ve rounded up my favorite soulful gifts for the people in your life that care about the intention behind what you wrap up this year. Enjoy this list and give with soul!

1. Maya Angelou Legacy Collection

Maya Angelou Legacy Collection

The great words of Maya Angelou live on in this collection from Dogeared with engraved quotes on these divine jewelry masterpieces. Get inspired and view the collection here.

2. Truthbomb Card Deck

Truthbomb Card Deck

This beautifully designed deck of quotes will challenge you to put life on pause and listen to your intuition. Created by the one and only Danielle Laporte. Get yours here.

3. Gratitude Napkin Set

Gratitude Napkin Set
This set of 10 napkins with gratitude quotes couldn’t be more perfect. As you sit down to eat with those you love, glance at any of the varied quotes, and your soul will be booming with gratitude. See the full collection here from SugarBoo Designs.

4. It Is Well With My Soul Mug

It Is Well With My Soul Mug

Forget about coffee. Fill your cup with a deep breath and peaceful confidence that all is well with your soul. Available on Etsy via MugCountry here.

5. Actually, I Can.

Actually, I Can.

This is not your typical “self-help”/positive affirmation book. #ActuallyICan is a fresh blueprint for how to win at life. In this inspirational book, Kelsey Aida shows you how to craft a new life that you love and also includes hundreds of powerful affirmations (specifically designed to help you create financial freedom, radical self-love, vibrant health, kick-ass relationships, inner peace and more). So good for the soul. Get your copy here.

6. Outstanding In The Field

Outstanding In The Field
Outstanding In The Field / Via  

Outstanding in the Field is a roving culinary adventure – literally a restaurant without walls. Imagine having dinner while honoring the land and the origins of your food, and honoring the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it. Tell me this wouldn’t make your soul happy?!

Since 1999 they have set the long table at rural farms and urban gardens, on mountain tops and in sea caves, on islands and ranches. See more here.

7. Mala Making Experience

Mala Making Experience

This traveling mala-making workshop is catching fire and is the perfect gift for a group of your soul-sisters! Malas in Bloom is rocking a deep, meaningful and step by step event where you create your own beautiful mala necklace. The experience is magical and undeniably soulful. Host a workshop here or check out the full line of mala necklaces here.

8. Teamotions Emotional Well-being Tea

Teamotions Emotional Well-being Tea

Teamotions is the first and only line of teas for emotional well-being. Each tea blend offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits. By including adaptogen herbs in every blend, Teamotions’ line of award-winning teas support, comfort, and strengthen mind, body, and soul. Used for centuries and backed by science, adaptogens are stress-fighting herbs that help boost immunity, improve the body’s response to all types of stress, restore calm and balance, and foster well-being in every way. See the entire line here.

9. The West Coast

The West Coast

The sea is good for the soul and now you can transport yourself to the Californian coast- surrounded by minty ocean mist, gardens of wild sage and black soil pines.
The Coast Gift Pack from Juniper Ridge includes Big Sur Trail Soap, Big Sur Trail Resin and Cedar Incense all neatly wrapped in a hand dyed cloth bag. More here.

10. Be Here Now Hoodie

Be Here Now Hoodie

The story of SunLife Organics makes me jump for joy because it’s so darn inspiring. This business isn’t just a juice bar, it’s an experience fueled by the simple but profound joy of human connection and an unrelenting commitment to quality. They also happen to make this ridiculously comfy and meaningful hoodie that says “BE HERE NOW” challenging us all to be present in this beautiful life. Get yours here.


Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner