by Jessie Gardner May 01, 2016

As a new(ish) mom obsessed with her munchkin, and the fact that I've hit my 30’s (I know - 30! Don’t choke on your toast over it like I did), and my mom is still obsessed with me, it’s clear - a mama’s love truly has no boundaries. No matter how old your kids are, no matter how naughty they’ve been (even if it makes for an awkward Christmas), no matter the need at hand, moms are there - thick, thin, good choices, bad decisions, adventures and falls.

Yes, some moms are better than others, but there is something about the connection between a mama and her baby that is unlike any other – stronger than the The HULK and more intense than love at first sight.

I recently learned that a baby’s DNA stays within the mother’s body for decades after birth. This is why, as a mom, or if you don’t have kiddos, it is why your mom feels you are still a part of her… because you ARE! During pregnancy, cells from the fetus cross the placenta and enter the mother's body, where they can become part of her tissues. The baby’s cells literally become a part of the mom’s body as the cells take direction from chemical reactions within the body and other cells around them telling those cells what they should become – skin, tissues, etc. Scientists are also linking the possibility of these cells contributing to better immunity in the mom as well as lower risk for breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Not only is there a heart connection, there is a physical connection and exchange of DNA!

The mama-baby connection is one of the most beautiful in the world.  Honor that connection this Mother's Day and do it in a special,  intentional, huge tsunami love wave sort of way this year.

And by the way..
We get giddy about creating gifts and experiences to help you tell people you love them. We've  lit up a special sale because moms are just that important! If you order before Tuesday, you'll get your box in time for Mother's day! Enter the codeHEYSOULMAMAS at checkout for 20% off! 

In honor of Mother’s Day we want to give a Mt. Everest size tribute to the mamas of HeySoul! Both of our moms have contributed significantly to the HeySoul dream; whether it’s packing Love Boxes until the wee hours of the morning, schlepping Creativity boxes to the post office or cutting 100 fabric squares until the scissors wanted to quit, they’ve been there for us, loving us, supporting us and rooting us on. Thank you to the mama's of HeySoul! We love you and couldn't do what we do without you! 

Cheers to the mamas of the world! 

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner