Dream Catchers!

by Jessie Gardner May 06, 2014

Are your dreams hungry?! TAKE ACTION TO FEED YOUR DREAMS! 

How often do we hopscotch backwards to get the big voluptuous picture of where we are headed? To see what we are chasing? And why we are chasing it? NOT NEARLY ENOUGH. See, we often start down these paths of life, defined by society or some other influence (parents, friends, a boss, etc), and begin to bury our own thoughts, ideas and DREAMS. We disconnect. We allow their influence to rise above our intuition. We shift the perception of value to someone else's world view. Well dreamers, look down. Value comes from the HEART. Your core. Your destiny. Your calling. Value comes from taking action from a place so deeply ingrained in you, the world can't help but take a double-take at your bold commitment, focus and vision. Take action from this place! And this, my friends, is what FEEDS DREAMS.


Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner