Ever wish upon a spectacular star you could fly?

by Jessie Gardner April 22, 2014

Well, birds and bees, now you CAN.

Did you ever care to know the history behind the phrase "Fly by the seat of your pants?" Well, it ROCKED our world so here it is; the phrase comes from back in the livelong day when airplanes - being very basic without all the fancy gadgetry planes have today - were flown by pilots who reacted to the FEEL of the plane on their money makers. They didn't have the experience. They didn't have technology or tools. They FELT the altitude, the wind, the weight and dynamically adjusted to obstacles in mid-air!

These pilots did something difficult without the perceived necessary experience or ability to achieve a successful flight. 

ENTER, REAL LIFE. How often do we say we can't just because our lists of skills and experiences tell us we can't? How often do we listen to people that say we can't do it even when we can FEEL it in our gut that we CAN. That FEELING inside that you are meant to  create, step out, sing at the top of your lungs, start a business, quit the hamster wheel gig, commit to wellness, hang out with other birds that lift you up and so on. 

Spread the wings far and wide, stopping the hurt, the boredom, the sadness and start living like a freaking BOLD EAGLE. Not bald people. BOLD! 

Your wings may feel tied down, but now is the time to FLY. (click to tweet)

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner