Your flame! Is that thing lit?

by Jessie Gardner May 22, 2014

Hey there, Spectacular!

Our VERY FIRST flock of boxes shipped yesterday and we can't contain our wild fire of excitement! If you ordered one, your box is flying and in route to your doorstep and most importantly, to your open heart! 

Another fire was lit in our world last week and it was so profound we have to share. Grab a carpet square friends, it's story time.

Flames were inches from the doorway. Trees aglow with embers. Santa Ana winds blowing so fast it could knock your socks off. This is all I could see while hanging off the edge of the couch, flipping through the local San Diego news channels, desperate for updates.
We had evacuated less than an hour before. A time bomb was ticking and so was my heart beat. 

We were in the epicenter of a surreal whirlwind of fear and uncertainty, wondering if our home would remain standing through the fire storm. Once the family was safe and my bulldog settled in the front seat, I looked around the house full of stuff thinking about what to take.

After a pacing around, the only thing I kept coming back to was the corner full of HeySoul boxes and products, all lined up and ready to send. It was all I cared about and if I was going to save something, it was going to be the hope of HeySoul! I started snagging supplies, boxes, shipping tools, nuggets of inspiration, packed the car and fled to safe ground.
It’s incredible how clear life gets in moments of distress. You gain a laser beam focus of what matters, what makes your heart roar and who you want giving you bear hugs in this life.
We finally got the green light to go back home on Sunday night. Our house was saved only by inches. Check out the picture below. The fire heroes are miracle workers. I owe not only the house to them, but the priceless feeling of home.
Even this Monday, I was still processing the destruction of the fires in San Diego, and one of my close friends said, “The world needs to set its soul on fire... Maybe that's what last week’s fire was about.”  This statement made my ears smile and my heart crack open with rays of hope the size of a skittles rainbow with the realization that beauty can rise out of destruction, in this instance and in life. I think this is true for all of us.

The San Diego fires inspired us to look for the beauty in the ugly, the light in the dark and the fuel to our fire.

Check that flame of yours! Is that thing lit? It's about time we all rise to the occasion and LIGHT THE WORLDS SOUL ON FIRE!

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner