Say HEY to your SOUL!

by Jessie Gardner May 14, 2014

So....what does HeySoul mean?

We got this question and it hit us like a bolt of lightening that we haven't opened up about why we call ourselves HeySoul! It gives me the willies (in that good, ice cube down the shirt on a scorching summer day, heart-hitting kind-of-way) thinking about the birth name of HeySoul. So here you go....

We had been strolling through life in a safe-zone. You know the drill. Mapping out the same routine of waking up, going to work, staying way too late, surviving on snack packs and caffeine because we were too exhausted to even think about cooking an actual meal. Fall asleep on the couch, laptop open, a trail of drool, all to wake up to the same skreeching alarm calling us to do it all again for days, months, years. UNTIL ONE DAY we realized the routine and repetitive behavior of not doing what we loved, not nourishing our mind, body or spirit, ignoring that unforgettable voice that would pop up every now and again asking (in a deep James Earl Jones voice), "Why are you doing what you are doing?" 

A big, thick and musty layer of fog + routine + comfort zone was had set over our souls! We were going on about life, moving through the day and unable to see through it! So we started meeting every week to break our routine, clear the fog and the conversations started to pierce the bubble of the success myth we were chasing. Make money + get the flashy title + buy the picket-fenced house + the car with the shiny wheels = success + happiness. Oh no, my friends. This equation is all wrong and we were failing in the math class of life by believing it and living it!

We realized we needed something to reconnect us to our being, our core, our soul!  We needed to say "Hey" to our SOUL again because we had forgotten it, buried it and weren't letting any light in. 

So, we named this magical movement HeySoul as a way of always remembering to stay connected to our heart, our passion, our purpose above all else, our soul. The essence of who we are thrives when we live a life where what makes us happy, makes us laugh on the ground uncontrollably, lifts us up and challenges us to grow, is present in our daily lives because we've CHOSEN to be. 

Have you forgotten about your soul? Silenced that voice in your heart to take life by the horns? Take a moment today to get REAL with your soul. Reintroduce yourself. Take time to say, "Hey, soul!"

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner