Do You Believe In Magic?

by Jessie Gardner May 30, 2014

Howdy-do, you dazzler you!


Summer is so close! Can you feel the warm, long, sunny days comin' in HOT?! Things are heating up at HeySoul! Our June box theme will be announced next week! EEEEEEE!!! Hold onto your britches! It's going to be GOOD! 

So this week over at HeySoul, we've been pondering what "NO" really means. Some say a roadblock and others say an opportunity.
NO isn’t a roadblock, my friends.
It’s an invitation.

A big glorious invitation to jump the hurdle and breakthrough our biggest challenges; physically, mentally, spiritually and soulfully.
Just think. Do you accept no, do you turn around, head sunk with a sniffle or do you chuck it back on the table of life to play again, gambling at the chance and belief in a better outcome?
We are all here to work magic out of the hand we are dealt in life. We are all in the pursuit of the ultimate YES after the journey through forests of NO. Doesn't it feel that way when you don’t take no for an answer? When we push back with passion as our shield, courage in the heart and desire inching us closer to what we want regardless of the obstacle. This is where the magic happens and not the rabbit out of a hat kind. The kind that shows up in synchronicity, in timely support and the shift in mindset that there is always a way.
We were struck by inspiration lightening this week when a sparkler of a girl from Australia messaged us. She had seen the LOVE BOX on Instagram and wanted us to ship to the land of kangaroos! We are still in the infancies of our launch and didn’t think our shenanigans would or could reach internationally just yet. We found out there are also hefty shipping regulations and costs involved that made it seem somewhat impossible. So we politely dealt her a no and said unfortunately we were not able to ship internationally because of logistics and the expensive shipping beast.
This is where the magic happened. She saw our no as an invitation.
She sent us an email that brought tears to our eyes and made us scream YES. Here’s a snipet of that email... 

“I really don’t mean to be a pain, but there is really nothing like this in Australia (a personal growth, inspiration box delivered to your door) or shipping internationally in the world and I am just extremely passionate about your business and what you are doing.  Now I completely understand if it’s all too hard and that if you definitely don’t want to ship internationally at this stage, and that’s completely fine. I just didn’t want to accept ‘no’ unless I’d tried all I could because like I said, it would just be amazing to be a part (and get receive a piece) of what you are doing because I do think it's amazing.”
She flipped our no to a yes like a hot pancake on a Sunday morning. Just like that. Her desire to go tenaciously and courageously after what her heart wanted inspired us, in that instant, to get out of our “no” haze and wake up to the opportunity in front of us. Passion, in its purest form, was staring us in the face. We went global in a matter of minutes. Her willingness to not accept no, turned our no to a yes, creating a new reality we never thought possible - going international and realizing anything is possible!  It’s the most beautiful lesson we've learned so far since we started HeySoul and we will never forget it.
The next time “no” rings in your ear, listen to the calling, hear the invitation and answer to the challenge. It's time to make some magic happen.
Chances are if you move, speak and act courageously, sparks will fly. (click to tweet)
Was it coincidence that this experience with our new favorite aussie also fell on the same day we lost Maya Angelou? Maybe, but when we heard about the incredible Maya Angelou passing, we thought of one of our favorite quotes from her that mirrored the lesson we had just learned, “You want me to do something…tell me I can’t do it.”  In grace, we honor Maya Angelou and her tenaciousness to see every “no” or someone saying “you can’t do this” as motivation, not a deterrent.
So, where do you stand? Are you ruled by taking "no” as it's dealt or are you empowered to take "no" as your greatest challenge and greatest opportunity?
Surviving your greatest "NO" will be the best story you ever live to tell.
Now go make some sparks fly!

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner