Let's go on an adventure!

by Jessie Gardner June 12, 2014

Adventure is a state of mind.

Can you see the world through the eyes of an explorer?

Our thirst for adventure has sparked our curiosity and challenged us to see every day, moment, conversation and walk down the street with new eyes whether it’s in our front yard or thousands of miles away. 

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Every good adventure involves an unknown destination, a step into uncertainty, a quickening of the heartbeat and excitement of the experience to come. It’s the thrill of adventure and there is nothing like it on this sweet earth.  
Adventure is a cure.
When life feels like a bore, your job like a daily drain, the high kick-jazz hands-combo of your 80’s workout video ingrained in your memory, your relationship another obligatory routine, that is when you know you need a hippo-size dose of adventure.
We get stuck and lost in this journey of life and sometimes it takes someone to flip the switch to wake us up and remind us that the golden glimmer of life exists when we take risks, trust a new path, do something out of our comfort zone, book that ticket and just GO.
We are here to explore, not to observe. An explorer exists within each of us and we don’t let that adventurer out enough. Have you let your inner explorer out lately?! How long have you kept him/her inside without a breath of adventurous air? When was the last time you said YES and truly experienced something/place/person new to your eyes, ears, heart and soul? The thrill of life is in experiencing new things that broaden our perspective and change our view of the world.
Here’s your challenge. Step out of the rat race of routine and step into the thrilling land of adventure. What area of your life is a yawn? What adventure are you going to take TODAY?  
Adventure isn't served on a silver platter
You've got to go out and get it.

Adventure is living and living is an adventure, if you choose it to be.


Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner