Your World is About to Change!

by Jessie Gardner June 20, 2014

 Happy Friday Ladies & Gents!

Phew! Let's all just take a breath. We are almost to the weekend. It's like a glass of ice cold water just out of reach in a sizzling hot desert. Let's quench our thirst and move on to this Friday's goodness...

It’s dangling above your head. It’s heavy on your shoulders and weighing down your heart.
An ordeal. A problem. Uncertainty. Change.

It’s a part of life and by now you’ve experienced enough to be considered an expert.
It’s always entertaining how life tends to deliver lessons to you. Random, sometimes shocking and uncomfortable in the moment, but so perfect in retrospect. We’ve been hiking through the theme of adventure this month and I don’t know about you, but there have been some Indiana Jones-size boulders coming down my path; house nearly getting burnt down, car stolen on a lovely Sunday morning and major shifts at work.
I ran into this quote 3 times this week, slapping me in the heart in the best way possible so I figured it needed to be shared with y’all:

It may have taken me 3 times to realize it’s not about the ridiculous situation, rotten tomato of a circumstance or pickle you are in. IT’S ABOUT YOUR ATTITUDE.
Your attitude alone can make something seem like an avalanche crashing down on your life, or a snowflake, perfect in its own unique, intricate and (even if you can’t see it in the moment) beautiful way. Here to teach you. Here to take you on an adventure you’ve never been o n before. Here to stretch the boundaries of that gorgeous mind of yours and challenge you to make strides through the gobbledygook and smarter, stronger, more passionate, driven, conscious and aware than when you started.  
So maybe you have a ordeal, a problem, uncertainty and change
Maybe it’s even taking up every nook and cranny of your brain space  
Maybe you’re stuck. On the cusp of breakdown and don’t know the answers
It’s time to climb out of the quicksand and take your thoughts off of the circumstance. Focus on your attitude. Your attitude has the power to lift you to the soaring sky above or keep you in the mud.
Rock your power. Rise above. What you are going through is a gift.

It’s time to unwrap it with an adventurous attitude, and not just this circumstance, but your LIFE. 

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner