Happy Day O' Freedom!

by Jessie Gardner July 04, 2014

The thought of billowing sparkly showers and big KABOOMS got me thinking about this grand ol’ country of ours and a word that has taken me by surprise at the depth to which it’s ringing true to my soul. I thought it might ring-a-ling  true to your soul too…

It was fought for, bled for, sweated for and cried over, for all of us.
But we want to dive into a whole different animal of freedom.
It exists within our lives.
It exists within our soul. 

The question we're asking today is, are you free? 
Do you have freedom in your relationship to love and be loved? Can you be authentic or are your raw thoughts and emotions held behind closed doors?

Do you feel free at work to thrive, using your ravishing strengths to do what you do best? Are you living outside the box or are you on the inside, looking around at cubicle walls, confining you and pressuring you to only draw in between the lines?

Is your spirit happy and free? Can you be you every day and be over the moon happy about it? Do you wake up and realize the opportunity to crack an egg and hatch new moments, ideas and adventures or is every day a rotten egg? 

Point is, to take a moment, maybe before the fireworks start crackling and painting the sky, to ask yourself: "Is my soul free?"  Have you given yourself permission to truly express who you are, do what you have been put on this earth to do and love without inhibition? 

I realized there are parts of my life that I’ve confined out of fear, self-doubt and comfort and heavens to Betsy, it’s about time to explode those blocks and set my soul free! 

So tonight, let every boom, rattle, shake and spark across the sky tonight represent a decision. A decision to be free. A decision to listen to the flares our heart and intuition are shooting into the sky of our lives.  A decision to break down the confining barriers we've built. And one grand finale of a realization that the wide and endless sky is our playground and it’s time for all of us to make some fireworks in this life.

Wishing you a sky full of freedom, a soul full of spark and a happy 4th,
Jess + Marisa


Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner