5 Ways to Unleash Your Wildly Creative Soul

by Jessie Gardner August 01, 2014

Creativity isn’t something bestowed upon the few golden children in this world.

It’s deep within every soul.

And it’s about time we all unleashed it.

The tornado-blazing lives we lead leave little time to catch our breath, much less break out a paint brush, dust off a canvas, and channel our inner Picasso. When we were little wee ones, running around without a care in the world, we were doing art projects all the time. Glittery macaroni plugging up my nose and globs of thick white paste gluing my chubby little fingers together was a daily occurrence.

So, where did all of that go? When did art, music, and dance drift out of our focus? Oh yeah; adulthood, schedules, paychecks, exercise, chores, and the scroll of a list goes on for miles.

It’s time to rip the Band-Aid on the routine. Let’s bring creativity back into the day-to-day whirlwind. First step: Nurture the colorful, textured, feathered, blissful creative soul within, and invite it into every part of your day. Not just because it’s fun and you need an excuse to shove glittery macaroni up your nose, but because the benefit of tapping into your creativity impacts every other area of your life!

Here’s how to spoon-feed yourself that yummy daily dose of creativity you’ve been craving:

Release the routine: Routine keeps us organized but doesn’t leave room for shifting, shaking, or rattling our boundaries. Habits support discipline but can hinder the spontaneous adventures that come with every sunrise. Be aware of when you are handcuffed to your routine. Where can you shimmy in some excitement? Try a radical breakfast food to awaken new taste buds, leave early and make a pit stop at the flower shop just because, have your meetings out in the sunshine, ask someone in the grocery store how to make their favorite recipe and have that be your dinner menu, stay up to see what the world looks like at midnight and take a late night walk under the stars … on a weeknight. Your soul craves surprises and synapses of creativity spark when you have spontaneous experiences. These moments breed inspiration because the expectation is unknown. Let go of the Monday-through-Friday same-o-clock to same-o-clock. Spice it up and see what happens.

Rock your quirk: Your quirk is your “you-ness” and something only you can pull off successfully. Whether it’s the style you strut, your ridiculously thorough knowledge of the Civil War, your passion for canary yellow, or your undefeated karaoke title at the local pub … it makes you, YOU. Rock your quirk and rock it with pride. This is the part where you take a breath and let go of what other people think of you. When you feel free to express yourself, creativity will flow. When you release the idea that you may be wrong or too “out there” or that no one is going to like this, you begin to garner confidence and the ability to proceed through the caution tape we put up for ourselves. Your creative expression (quirks and all) is not up for discussion. It’s who you are and you deserve to make a statement in this world.

Bring in some color: Take a peek at your daily surroundings; your house, your car, your desk, your closet. What is the percentage of color versus black? The impact of color is huge on the human psyche. It brings out emotion, inspiration, and creativity. Instead of the same black blazer, challenge the norm and put some “POW” outfits together with bold, bright colors and patterns. Change up your workspace; drape your desk in your favorite colors, bring in new fragrances with snazzy flowers, change out the black pens with colorful markers. Look at the palette of your day (and your life) and pepper in some color to spur your imagination.

Use your hands: We were all given a unique pair of hands, different in shape, size, and story.  These hands are meant to create and create often. The way I mold clay is different than the way you mold clay, or write, or cook, or paint, or do the hokey pokey. Think about how you use your hands during a typical day; typing, texting, driving, washing. When was the last time your hands were smothered in paint, tapping the keys of a piano, stained with ink after writing a handwritten letter or waving high in the air as you shake what yo’ mama gave ya? Put your hands back IN the daily routine and put your hands to work whether it’s gardening, writing, baking, or dancing, and pry them OUT of your tech gadgets. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you create!

Let your ideas flow: Let it go. Don’t make me sing itAs long as you care more about what other people think than what you feel, your work and what you are creating in this world will not flow. If you express your ideas, moving through the fear of what others may think and pressing onward without hesitancy, you allow for a Niagara Falls-style flow of ideas, dreams, and vision. Pay attention to your intuition or you will lose connection to it, and it will be harder and harder to find your way home. Say your ideas out loud and let your imagination roam. Your ideas have the ability to change the world around you and impact this wild world in a big way. Let go, embrace your ideas, and stand with confidence in the genius of your creativity.

Creativity is a seed that needs to be put in the right environment to thrive. You have it. I have it. We all have the ability to create, to let go, and unleash our creative souls. The question is, will you?

How will you bring creativity into your daily whirlwind? Leave a comment below.


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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner