I want your art!

by Jessie Gardner August 06, 2014

You, my friend, are an artist. 

You are creating every single day, whether you know it or not.

Color is splattered everywhere, confetti and dance music fill the air. It's the season of Creativity, my loves! We've put together one colorful experience for you this month. You will use your hands like you never have before and discover a creative process that will tickle your heart and hatch your creativity!

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I had the joy of spending the weekend with some great people diving into all sorts of creative experiences and had to share with ya'll beauties. 

Everyone was standing around it, eyes squinting, hearts knocking on chests like a woodpecker to a ripe tree, bodies turned away to the corners of the room like a toddler in timeout...fear, hesitation, confusion, self doubt and avoidance set in. For some people, it's worse than sharks, public speaking and snakes.

A big, blank, white canvas. 
As we stood around the big, beast of a blank white canvas, the challenge to our group was to create a work of art, together. Each person was told to use something from the piles of material and cans of paint to leave their legacy on the canvas. One at a time, each person would go as they were called, to make their mark. 

Why does a blank slate challenge us to the point of belly sweats and suck up the gusto in our confidence like an old crusty raisin? A blank canvas challenges us to create something out of nothing. It demands we shift our thinking from straight lines of logical thought to wild streams of imaginative consciousness. It brings up fear and uncertainty in the unknown.

Not knowing if it will be "right", what others will think and what will flow out of us when we pick up that paint brush, speak our mind, sing that song, cook up a meal, dance the latest dance move or stand up for what we believe, is enough to make anyone shake in their boots. 
Creativity goes far beyond a paint brush and a canvas, it's a mirror of life. How often are you making your mark on the canvas of life? It's too often we squint our eyes and turn away from the moments presented in life to lead with our creativity and express our passion, what we care most deeply about and why we are here. 
When was the last time you really tried to create something? Something that didn't exist before? Something you got lost in for hours and hours? Something you were proud of?
Creativity is just one key to unlocking the expression of your Mt.Everest-size passions and deeper purpose. Your creative expression is your fingerprint, unique to you in every way. It's time to crack open the minds and hearts of the world with what you have to give. 
You are an artist. You are creating every single day, whether you know it or not. I want your art. The world wants your art.

It's time to make or mark, tap into the artist within and create businesses, masterpieces, music, meals, experiences, roller coasters, gardens, designs, careers and surprises that rattle the souls of the world!  

Create with soul and make your mark!

What are you creating in the world!? We want to see your art! Share with us in the comments below.

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner