Get silly. Get swanky. Let it out!

by Jessie Gardner August 12, 2014

Hey there, silly, swanky goose!

This quote makes my heart do triple salchow, Michelle Kwan style…

“Our ability to create, express and make art is a gift for our enjoyment and the world around us. When we try too hard or do it for the wrong reason, that’s when it stops being FUN. Solution: Bring back the PLAY. Get silly. Be You. Let go of outcomes and let it flow. The rest will take care of itself.” – Chris Assaad

Some kids crave the playground. Some kids crave the stage. 
There’s a corner of the world where you can be you, be it dark or be it light, you know exactly where it is and somewhere deep inside, you crave it.

Think back to those moments when you realized you haven’t been you. Maybe for just a moment when you said something and moments later thought, who just took over my mouth and let that out?! Maybe it’s been a few moons and a habit is staring to grow like weeds from not speaking that beautiful mind of yours. Maybe it’s been decade or more and it all seems like a fog that never cleared.

I remember this moment in my life. The moment when I realized I was living someone else’s dream and not my own. I was starving myself and the world of my creative expression; my fun, my silly, my purpose. How many creative expressions never actualize because of people not being themselves – their true, raw, stunning selves? I realized something in this moment that will stick with me like fresh golden honey to Pooh Bear’s hand...

Being YOU doesn't cost anything. NOT being you costs the world.

Be you. The you that is vulnerable, the you that speaks your heart and makes others gasp and spit out their Pellegrino, the you that wears that weird scarf and fur boots because you just feel like it, the you that sings “Love is a Battlefield” at the top of your big billowing lungs followed by an encore of “Hit me with your Best Shot” in the middle stall of a crowded bathroom, the you that can be a silly foolish little goose and make the day your playground. The YOU that flows to the music of your creative soul and not the song book everyone else is trying to get you to sing. Be you. 

Take a long and meaningful gander at what is holding you back from bringing out the most beautiful expression of you that the world has ever seen. There’s a playground out there. Are you ready to play?

I challenge you.

Play. Sing. Get silly. Get swanky. Let it out. Be you.

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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner