What Kind Of Superhero Are You?

by Jessie Gardner August 27, 2014

Hello there, creative beauty!

Yes, we're talking to you, sparklin' darlin! You are all born artists no matter what the booger eater in your 2nd grade class said. We’ve been having a ridiculously fun shindig of a time creating all month long! I added some pictures of our HeySoul hands in action at the bottom of this email for the creatively curious! If you are looking to awaken your inner artist we have a few creativity boxes available and there are 5 gorgeous days left to order here!
I had a moment yesterday.
My vision fogged, my Niagara Falls of a snotty nose fully activated, tears rushing into my peepers and my heart was pumping and bumping oh so quickly.
We had posted the message below on Instagram and within seconds, one amazing soul commented, “Thank you, I so needed this.”

It is in the wild perfection of time and space these moments occur. When you put something good out into the world that meets what another soul needs, a miracle happens. (Tweet me!) There is nothing like being that ray of golden sun that finally calms the storm, sparks a smile, inspires an extra mile and creates a single, fragile, perfect moment that another pumping and bumping heart needed.
When you shine your super power on the world, putting your whole self in and shaking your whole self all about, you connect with others in unforgettably deep moments that rattle your core and rock another’s world.
So, what is your message? What are you doing, saying, supporting daily? One phrase can take someone as high as the mountains or as low as the valley. One post on your social network can speak so deeply to someone it warms the soul. One step toward your big, fat, voluptuous dream is action that could inspire the steps of millions.
We often don’t realize our super power and the many expressions of it throughout our day, noon and night. The human experience gives us the amazing gift of connecting with others.
How will you shine your superpower on the world? 

Share with us in the comments below!

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P.S.S. Here is a peek at one of our creative sessions embracing the call to create! 

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner