Twinkle, Twinkle, YOU are a ✰ !

by Jessie Gardner September 12, 2014

Hey there, bright light!

Snag your flashlight, grab your compass and get the flare gun. We’re going on a purpose hunt.

Only on this hunt, your target is invisible. 

It's the gap. It's right in front of you, jumping up and down like a first grader that needed to go to the bathroom 5 minutes ago, and it needs your attention… now.

What exists in the gap is food for your soul.

The impact you do have  <<<        GAP          >>>  the impact you want to have.

It is the desire to move from where we are to where we believe we can be, bridging the gap, to have a greater, deeper, more meaningful impact that connects us to our purpose like Robin Hood’s arrow to the bulls-eye of our being.

Think about where you are for a moment. How much of YOU, your true, passionate, purpose driven self is active on a daily basis? 50%? 25%? 5%? Less?  

I was on a plane coming home late last night and I saw a little boy peering out a sliver of a window out to the night sky and he asked, “Mama, why do the stars shine?” and his mom said, “Because that is what they are here to do.”

Now think about the impact you want to have. You are a star. I am a star. We are all stars. We are here to shine, and not just to shine, but shine brilliantly  all over our relationships, our career, our art, our craft, our business and this whole wide world. The only difference between us and those sparkling clusters of pixie dust in the distance is that we have the ability to choose how bright or dimly our light will shine.

How’s your shimmer? What’s your shine status right now? Are you dim? Are you radiant? How bright could you possibly be and how much light could you spread with a fully illuminated mind, body & soul?

Truth is, you could light up the world.
Question is, how bright will you choose to shine?

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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner