Fear: The New Fuel to your Fire!

by Jessie Gardner September 25, 2014


I can still hear it being whispered in my mind as a youngster …


Fear = bad

Fear = avoid

Fear = run away


The avoidance of fear is what keeps us from pursuing the things that scare us.


I’m not the “creepy guy following you down an alley” type of scared.


The type of scared that creates a tornado in your belly and makes you lose your breath thinking about the possibility of you actually doing something BIG, something completely DIFFERENT, and something far BEYOND your current reality.

It’s human nature to crave comfort, and it will shape our lives if we don’t heighten our awareness of what fear is really telling us, if we don’t let ourselves feel the discomfort to process it, and if we don’t listen to the challenge to redefine fear.


We shy away from fear because it’s uncomfortable. To make an impact, to make the shift your heart is calling you to make, to take the risk that whispers to your soul daily, we must learn to step into the fear, buddy up to the discomfort and use it as fuel.


We need to give fear an empowered meaning …


Fear = key to success

Fear = growth

Fear = your next greatest chapter      


Embracing fear is the pathway to your purpose journey. The challenge is set before you to pursue what your mind, body and soul craves and then find a way to serve it as an answer, solution and healing of a pain in the world.


Are you up for the challenge?


Share your thoughts with us BELOW.


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Give today a high kick and have a fear-filled, purpose pumping day! 

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner