Refresh Your Goodness!

by Jessie Gardner October 08, 2014

Hey there, joyful!

Or maybe you're sleepy, drained and endlessly rocking the go-go-go look? 

It's that one thing. That one amazing, spectacular thing you just can’t bring yourself to buy for sweet, lil’ ol’ you. It’s too expensive, you don’t really need it, it’s not the right time, you’re not worth it, and the red carpet of excuses continues to roll out.

This dynamic doesn't only exist in the realm of things, but also in the ways we choose to (or choose not to) love ourselves. For me, this “thing” is calm.

I don’t have enough time, I don’t really need it, I’ll do it later, I’m not worth it…. Sound familiar?

Little do we know, that giving ourselves the gift of turning down the volume of life to a faint murmur and allowing the magic of stillness to thread a connection throughout our mind, body and sweet, sweet soul.  
When we allow ourselves to revel in silence, it’s powerful. We wonder why it took us so long to get there. Why is something so simple, so difficult to do?

Because it’s more than just a choice, it’s an act of self-love. You have to create your own calm.
It takes action. We have to put life on pause, sit ourselves down, give ourselves permission to release the over-sized load of a to-do list, turn the TV off, surrender the computer screen, set a boundary only silence can penetrate, and let the blissful sense of calm wash over us like a tidal wave, taking the weight off our shoulders, releasing the tension from our stressed forehead and washing away our worry-filled mind.

We crave the ebb to our flow, but we rarely give it to ourselves. We need to replenish to be able to live our most spectacular, firework show of a life, to live our purpose and give what only we can give to the world. If you are exhausted, drained and find all of your pride in the go-go-go, you end up taking away from relationships in your life, commitments and most importantly you are drowning out the call of your soul to settle in the valleys of your constant peaks.

Truth is, you do have time, you are worth it, and you do need it, because the world needs you! It's time to give yourself the gift of calm.

How will you love your phenomenal self by slowing down to reflect, to connect, restore your super powers and replenish the goodness of you?
Share with us below! 

Also! HeySoul Box Update! We were inspired to create a CALM HeySoul Box after realizing the massive need to give a breath of fresh air to the world and challenge us all to soak in the silence. Check it out here and order your limited edition HeySoul CALM Box in this beautiful moment.

We hope you will love yourself so deeply today, you find peace in that deep down, yummy place where you connect with you, in only the way you know how! 


Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner