Find Peace. Take Action.

by Jessie Gardner October 28, 2014

Hey there, pumpkin!

We're exploring an entirely new way of finding calm. 

YES we explored and created a spectacularly refreshing experience for you with our HeySoul CALM Box (just a few more days to order this treasure here.) 

But what I mean is that we are exploring the experience of calmness through story. Now, this post isn't exactly free candy while trick-or-treating, but put out your figurative plastic pumpkin pail because I’m going to give you two delicious examples of how this showed up at my heart recently. I hope it lights up your jack-o-lantern, and your soul too. 

Calm is a state of mind. It is a deep soulful haven. If you listen closely, you can hear what falls on deaf ears during the hustle of the day.

There is a species of calm that is found by listening and taking action. The impetus is usually something big in your life that you continue to wrestle with day after day like Hulk Hogan in his glory days. You find yourself running the thought or circumstance in your mind like a merry-go-round that never stops. Every morning you wake up, it’s there to greet you. Instead of counting happy sheep, you are counting worried sheep… over and over and over. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Here’s a spark of a story for you and those worried sheep too …

She had been boxing around the idea of making a big change. The program she built to serve the needs of children with autism was being bulldozed by the powers that be.  She had no control. She had built this booming program from the seeds of passion, dedication and strength. She hand-crafted each session with love, care and a genuine desire to make an impact in the lives of families touched by this disorder by providing a support system for families. Twenty years of work, dismantled and washed away in the matter of one year.

The teeter-totter of whether to stay or to go was constantly on her mind. Should she stay and play it safe in a job that was secure but no longer held any meaning? A job that no longer celebrated her power and slowly began hammering away at the dream she had spent so long making a reality? Or should she go?  
The endless thought pattern was stressful, exhausting and depleting. That is, until the day she decided to take action. She listened to the call knocking on her soul to spread her wings and fly, and made the decision to leave after more than 20 years at this job. She is 61 years old and meeting the biggest valley of uncertainty she’s ever seen. She took a massive step of healing and handed in her notice. 

When I asked her how she felt after she gave her notice to quit, she said she felt calmness settle in her heart.  She knew in that moment after all of the strife and sleepless nights; she had made the right decision. She could feel it. She was calm. 

No matter what the situation, how old you are, how long you've been there, or in that relationship, ACTION creates calm. Action creates resolve. Action creates momentum. Thinking and wondering and more thinking can create angst, stress and worry. The beautiful lesson here is realizing action can set you free and bring peace. Thank you to my mom whose story this belongs to. You are a walking mentor, inspiration and living lesson to me in so many ways.  Your action to follow your heart and honoring your best is inspiring, and I know this next chapter in your phenomenal life will be the best yet.

The second treat for you comes from Madonna Badger (featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and has given a riveting TedTalk) has a story worth listening to, but she said something particularly profound on the topic of finding peace and here it is:

“You can’t think your way out of it, you have to act your way out.”

There are some things in life you have to act your way out of; stress, anxiety, grief and suffering. Incessantly thinking about it won’t get you anywhere but deeper into that hole. Action can take you somewhere big, somewhere empowering, somewhere where that deep soulful haven of calm lives.

So what is your story? What is constantly perched on your mind that you continue to think about? What action step can you take to move past the walls of thought?

We all have something stuck in the merry-go-round of our mind. It’s time we stop digging spinning in a circle of worried thoughts and start taking the healing steps of action to find freedom and peace within.

Step on, soulful ones!


Share your story below! 

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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner