Gratitude Dance!

by Jessie Gardner November 11, 2014

Hey there, gratitude dancer!

'Tis the month of being grateful, so let's hop to it!

Speaking of a heart full of thanks! I'm sending heaps of gratitude from Australia this week for every soul that takes the time to read the Soulboost beauty. My intention is that it stirs up something new in your heart and moves your life in some way, shape or form!

So beauties, I’m writing from Australia.  As I near the end of the trip, a few golden ways to connect to a grateful heart settled in moments of reflection. It's my pure joy to share these with you so that you gain the inspiration without traveling 7,500 miles. Here's what I learned.
Travel is like Twister.
You can put one foot in a distant land and one foot at home sweet home.
Traveling allows you to embrace the present moment of a new place and at the same time sparks gratitude for what makes home so good. Here are three lessons I'm packing up and taking home with me.

  • Embrace the pace. When traveling, you walk a bit slower, notice the breeze across your face and savor tastes more deeply. We typically push through the day in forceful routine, not noticing the beauty in the day. Let's try moving more gently through the day and opening our eyes wider to the scenes in front of us. How many moments can you truly feel gratitude in your day?
  • Reset your viewpoint. When we are exploring a new path, free of expectation and obligation, wonder awaits. When the gloominess of stress and haste of routine colors the day, we barely look up and release our wrinkled foreheads. Let us not forget there is always a bright blue sky above those clouds. In any moment, we decide if it’s good or bad. Find gratitude in the fact that you have the power to change your view.                                                              
  • Twist and shout out of your comfort zone every day. When you travel you are taking leaps and bounds every moment. The unknown makes the journey exhilarating and the magic is in the discovery. It’s thrilling to do this when we shed our normal day to day, but why is it so hard to break the comfort zone barrier in our job, our workout, our relationship and the pursuit of our true passion? Let's apply the same vigor to moving beyond "normal" in your corner of the world. Speak up, stand up, say what’s important, do what’s right, follow your brilliant heart and twist and shout out of that comfort zone. You will quickly become grateful for the brave heart that leads you and the courageous action you take to honor your heart and make it real.

The best souvenir I’ll be bringing home is the idea that discovery isn't always about the new. I just discovered home with completely new eyes and I happened to be 7,500 miles away.
The best weather report I'll be bringing home is that no matter where you are in the world, the weather is the same. There's always a storm. It’s a beautiful storm of moments, scenes, sounds, peace, people, music, conversations and tastes all for us. Despite the downs, losses, obstacles and challenges in our lives, we should all take a moment to dance in this radiant storm of goodness in our lives. So put away your umbrella and feel the bliss of gratitude wash over you.
So tell us, what are you grateful for? 

We are so giddy in our thankfulness for YOU we are having a virtual gratitude dance party!


We’d love to hear from you! Share your story here. 

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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner