3 Ways to Give with Soul

by Jessie Gardner December 17, 2014

Giving a gift is more than a Black Friday steal of a deal and a fancy pants bow.


It’s an extension of the heart.

It’s an extension of you.

It’s a connection.


Has the hurricane of holiday pressure hit your world yet? You know what I’m talking about: the parties, the blanket of decorations that devours your home in tinsel, random elf trinkets and ornaments made of out of macaroni you made in 1st grade and baking the perfect elf cookie to bring the cookie exchange.


And once all of these snowflakes settle in the snow globe of your life, you still need to get gifts… for everyone and their mom.


This year I propose we shake up the experience, process and philosophy of gift giving. We often have authentic intention to give, but because of the rush of life, we end up giving from a place of obligation, haste and pressure. Reaching for something at the last minute, snagging a Starbucks gift card with our triple stressed out latte and scribbling something half-legible on a card has become the norm.


Take a moment and feel this quote from the beautiful Maya Angelou, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”


There is an energy transfer when we give. When we give without intention and lack of thought, that energy is unwrapped along with the gift. On the flip side, when we give from a soulful place with the intention to connect at a heart level, that energy radiates from the gift.


So how do you tackle a new way of giving now that we are already diving into December?


Simple. This year, give from the heart, listen to your intuition and tune into what that special beauty of a human needs and let go of the idea that you need to give something packaged like Martha Stewart would.


So guys and dolls, here’s some spectacular ways to reframe and reclaim gift giving madness this year:


Listen: Open those gorgeous ear canals of yours and take a moment to really think about what your friend, family member, co-worker has expressed they need. Is it time with you? Give an adventure with you! Is it stress relief? Go bliss out at a new yoga studio together.  Let them know you hear them and through that you will give more than a gift, you give a heap of love and instant connection!


Offer Your Unique Gift – We are all on the path to find our purpose. What is it that lights you up like a Christmas tree and sing from the snowy mountain tops with glee? Is it making jewelry? Is it accounting? Is it painting? Is it personal coaching? Is it cooking a warm meal?  We are all here to give our gift to the world! Give what you do best and use this as an opportunity to serve! 


Give Tick Tock: Quality, juicy time is priceless. Give the gift of eye contact and uninterrupted bonding! Have you ever thought about giving a hike, a weekly phone call to check-in for the next year, a road trip or anything that creates a bubble around you and your bestie, lover or boss?


As soon as we let go of the expectation and pressure of what giving gifts mean and let our souls to the giving, we are liberated from the stress and anxiety and end up giving something far more priceless than anything you could buy in a sardine packed mall. 

Challenge yourself this year and give with soul.


Cheers to letting intuition dream up the gifts we give to our loved ones and the world this year,

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner