Oh Have Mercy! The New Year is Upon Us!

by Jessie Gardner December 30, 2014

This year is big. This year matters. It's going to rock your world ... if you say YES to it. Why not YOU? Why not THIS YEAR? Did you realize your name is splatter painted all over the next 365 scrumptious sets of 24 hour possibilities?! What will you make of this gorgeous opportunity? 

Truth is...what you say and what you do matter in this lifetime...and in the upcoming year... and right now.

I’m not talking about following what someone else says, their book says or what their latest tweet said. I’m talking about what YOU choose to say to the world and what YOU choose to do in this world. 

The meaty soil of 2015 is waiting for you to get your hands dirty, plant your luscious goals and grow something SPECTACULAR. 

It doesn't matter what last year’s goals were. You are now charting new territory. Your feet are on the cusp of 2014, big toes peering over at 2015 and ready to take the leap. 

You may have done the type of goal setting where you look at various parts of your life; relationships, health, career, yadda yidda yoooda and write out a statement that you may or may not commit to depending on the flavor of the week. Alas! There is another way! 

Recently I came across a more robust way of setting goals based on your own sweet definition of success (opposed to what society would like to see you accomplish and check off that magic list of the "supposed to's" in life).  I was so inspired by this I had to share with y’all. I’m taking a feather from the hat of Vishen Lakhian at MindValley and here’s how it goes. 

Focus on three areas:
•    EXPERIENCE: What do you want to experience this year? What have you always wanted to do but have never done? Why not this year? Why not now?

•    GROWTH: How do you want to grow this year? How do you want to expand your knowledge and skill set? What would get you one step closer to living that dream of yours?

•    CONTRIBUTION: How do you want to contribute to the world this year? The question is not what you can take or what can you acquire, but rather what will you give? What do you have that the world, the planet, your friends, children, people in need are waiting for? 

Let these questions be the most flammable fuel your 2015 SOUL goal setting fire. 

These crazy q’s popped open my personal vision for 2015 and impacted every ounce of my goals this year. Everything about these questions is tied to the deep, sweet, challenge our souls are calling us to say YES to. This animal of goal setting is different from the rest and you’ll feel it when you spend some time diving in. 

Goals sprouting from the experiences you are yearning to have, the areas you want to grow and how you will contribute to the world breed targets for your soul that are authentic. BULLSEYE! Warning: These goals are not for softies. They will create equal tension and growth to accomplish and every droplet of energy you put into them will light up your soul like that gorgeous ball of fire in New York City.  Only instead of dropping, it will be lifting off for unbelievable happiness and one wild journey in 2015. 

Change your tune on resolutions and empty goals. Make some SOUL goals this year and show 2015 you’re here to be heard and seen! 

 May massive rumblings of new dreams, awakening and big fat leaps of action happen within your soul and your life this year,

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner