Love Yourself Like A Baby!

by Jessie Gardner January 21, 2015

Hey, Baby! 

I’m not sure how many of you out there are mamas, but pretty much the second you realize you’ve got a golden egg of love inside of you, you’re changed. 

And the changing keeps on coming day after day after day, in mind, body and soul.
I haven’t officially uncorked the non-alcoholic bubbly and announced it to y’all but I am 26 weeks pregnant!  I’m convinced the presence of this new little heartbeat inside my own will be my greatest lesson, challenge, opportunity and adventure!
I’m also convinced he/she (keeping gender a surprise!) may be a wizard of some sort because of the bounty this babe is teaching me already.  So, I bring to you the latest life lesson my little miraculous, wizard-like, beaming ray of new life to be has brought to the table.
Lesson 1: Love yourself like a baby.
I find lessons like these are divine and come into our world often delivered by the unexpected (the bun in my oven in this case).
Last week I was put on bed rest by the good ol’ doc. This little babe wanted to shake, rattle and roll right out of me, bringing some pretty intense preterm labor symptoms along for the party. Too much hustle and not enough calm. 
Since carrying this little bliss bomb around in my ever-growing love dome of a tummy, I’ve realized that pre-baby bump, I was not truly, fully, madly, deeply loving and nurturing myself. I can tell because of the significant difference in my behavior when the needs of this little love are involved. I can measure it in how much more intently I’m listening to my body, letting my eyelids close when they wish and becoming conscious of my entire environment.
Love yourself like a baby.
Even if you’re not preggers or ever have been, take a note from the little life that is yet to be, to love you, to take care of you, to care for the needs of your mind, body and soul. You are just as precious, fragile and important. Don’t neglect the replenishment your spirit needs, the healthy food your body craves, the needed release of stress and emotion flowing through you. Nurture and nurture well.
Because, if you love yourself and truly take care of yourself, you can love those around you more fully, you can give the world what you are here to give with more conviction and because you’ve nurtured it, your body will take you to places and serve up energy you never thought possible. 

What can you do today to serve up a big dose of love for you?! What do you really, truly, deeply need? 

Give some big baby love to that heart, mind, soul and body of yours this week. Challenge yourself to love.... you.

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner