LOVE is a Lifestyle!

by Jessie Gardner February 26, 2015

Hi, my name is LOVE. Nice to meet YOU! 

Now that all the chocolates have been gobbled up, balloons shriveled to the ground and only the yellow conversation hearts left in the bottom of the bag, it’s time for a bit of sweet reflection.

While Valentine’s Day is twirl-around-in-your-red-dress fantastic, let's agree it’s not about a single day of love or even a season of love, it’s about a lifestyle of love.

Love as a lifestyle means no boundaries of how, where and who you love. It's loving...

Who you are, your marvels, imperfections, and quirks.

Those crazy souls also known as your family & friends.

Your craft. Your work.

Nature and the creatures that exist within it.

Delicious tastes.

Quiet time in the late evening and early morning.

Spontaneous adventures with no destination.

Breakthroughs and transformation.

Bursting tears and beaming laughter.

And on and on till the break o' dawn.

So let’s not compartmentalize love as one cube in the ice cube tray of life or into one day a year. Tip that tray and let it overflow into all areas of life. 

What parts of your lifestyle have not yet met love? Do you need more of your love? Your work? Your passion? Your fears? Your family? How can you let your love loose!?

And now, a love-filled update from us: 

All this love-chatter had us thinking about the love lifestyle we are creating here at HeySoul, and we want you to know we are mixing it up to create as much value for YOU as possible. Here's our update! 

Here's where our energy and hearts have been beating! 

  • We'll be creating four more HeySoul Boxes this year released spontaneously for a solid 12 pack of experiences unlike any other. 
  • We are focusing on bringing LIVE HeySoul events to life across the country. More on this coming soon! 
  • All HeySoul box experiences will be available to answer to the demand of our audience to have all boxes available all the time! YIPPEE! All yours. All the time.HERE.

The way we are giving LOVE to the world is evolving, and we can't wait to share it ALL with you! 

We are in the mood for love as a lifestyle with a goal to provide blissful treasure boxes to positively disrupt your life and be a leading voice spreading the value of experience-driven events to tap into who we are and what we can be here in this wild world.

We hope you are as excited as we are!

Explore your lifestyle of love and get it on the top, middle and bottom of your to-do list : LOVE! 

This lifetime is made for LOVERS! 

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner