What if you retired today?

by Jessie Gardner June 05, 2015

Imagine you are retiring today.

What are your words?

Not those silly verses you sang in the shower this morning. Yes. We all heard you.

I'm talking about the words that define who you are.

My mom retired last week along with a handful of other rock stars in the autism therapy world. Like a swarm of bees to the honey hive, her colleagues went to her to breathe life, vibrancy and support into their world.

It was clear she stamped the hearts of these people and made an impact. At this retirement shindig, the queen bee of the tribe said something about each retiree by sharing the words the group of colleagues had come up with to describe each retiree.

And it wasn't the nice/sweet/caring-ish type of words that were engraved on their plaques. Rip up those cheese ball hallmark words you have swirling in your brain box. The words that got the standing ovations, tears flowing and hearts open were...

- stands up for what she believes

- speaks her mind

- knows her value and delivers it without hesitation

Something made my heart perk up when I heard these deep, strong descriptions. I realize how much time we all spend trying to play it safe, be agreeable, and nod our heads because it's the easiest thing to do even though we are burning inside to say no, uncork our true selves and speak what's on our heart.

It's the people that stand so tall, so strong and unwavering in their truth that who they are echoes in the souls of others. A legacy. A lasting inspiration. This is what people remember at the end of a 35+ year career.

So let's revisit who we are showing up as when we hit the field each day. How will you be remembered when your retirement day hatches?

I hope you stand for something. I hope you ruffle feathers for all the right reasons. I hope you always have integrity with your truth when the tsunami of resistance meets you face to face. I hope wherever you leave your footsteps you create a breed of value like no one else could ever dream of replicating.

And when I say "I hope you..." I'm speaking to myself just as loudly.

For some of you retirement be right around the yellow brick road, for others it's galaxies away.
Live like it's your retirement day and own the beautiful strength that is yours to give to the world.

Happy retirement!


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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner