Are you hungry?

by Jessie Gardner June 11, 2015

Oh hey, hungry hippos!

Soul nourishing goodness is on the menu today!



Not a light topic, specifically when we are talking about your soul.


Here is the big fat question for you today. Are you starving your soul? Be honest.


Think of yourself as a warm, scrumptiously delicious pie. Now, slice it up. When you think about your life right now, in this very moment, how many slices are you giving away? Who and what else are you feeding? And more importantly, are the expectations, obligations, people and goals you are feeding nurturing you at your best or slowly eating away at your radiance?


Are you delving out slices to a job/boss/cubicle trap that doesn't light your heart on fire?


Are you in a relationship, friendship or tindership that is feeding your soul or just chowing down on your spirit?


Expectations fly sky high in the world around us, and if we aren’t intentional about where we dedicate our time, our love, our work and our passion, we deflate.


The lesson here is to feed your soul before you feed the world around you.


Have you forgotten to feed your soul? Your desires? Your passion? Your purpose? Your inner child? Your creative genius?


My mom always says live life like you are on an airplane. Unlimited pretzels & peanuts for liiiiiiife!!! Just kidding, a secret wish of mine! But really, what she meant was put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others.


For years, I was feeding everyone and everything around me but myself and always putting on the oxygen mask for the entire jet before my own. The soulful experiences that make life so thrilling were getting eaten up - nom nom nom - because I was serving up expectations defined by others and not looking to my own bright light to lead me.


So ladies and gents! Fork it up today! It doesn't matter that it's early in the wee hours of the morning. It's pie time. Feed that beautiful soul of yours. Don't let it starve. Don't forget your taste for love, friendship, creativity, adventure and joy! Feed these cravings with intention so they grow and become part of who you are.


Spend time reflecting on who and what you are serving in your life. And please do it over a slice of extra delicious and messy pie.

Cheers to pie in your face today!

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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner