Monday Pancake Challenge + Prizes - Are you in?

by Jessie Gardner August 23, 2015

Well hello, Sunday stunner! 

If the stars have aligned, you're already knee-deep in a wild Sunday Funday!

Oooor maybe the haunting whisper of tomorrow (Monday) morning has already started to set in... a spark of stress, a bead of sweat on the brow and dread of that wailing alarm disrupting your delectable dream. 

Well m' dears, I challenge you to a Monday morning love fest!

Monday morning pancakes to be exact. Warm. Doughy. Imperfect circles of bliss. All on a Monday. Imagine that!

What sprung this idea you ask? Well, gather 'round!

I've been on maternity leave since April, enjoying every chubby roll, giggle and baby squeal - hence the temporary hiatus of HeySoul product launches and the weekly kiss to your inbox.

Maternity leave has given me a wide open opportunity to be fully present as a new mama for which I am forever grateful. Anyhoot - the time has come - to return to the pre-mama worker bee role I left on the sidelines the day I heard the doc say, "well, looks like you are going to meet your baby today!"

So as the love bubble of being a present mama 24/7 will burst, I choose to dance with this transition, feeling all the emotions that come with it, and creating pockets of bliss wherever I can because I know it's not going to be easy.

So I'm starting with Monday morning - and maybe it will inspire your inner flapjack heart to do the same...

My challenge to you and to myself is to make pancakes on Monday (tomorrow): Seriously, when do you ever allow yourself to do this? Maybe on a holiday that happens to plunk itself on a Monday in the calendar lotto, but really, let's make some glorious pancakes and surprise the pants off Monday morning. Why pancakes? WHY NOT?! To start the day with a new color, a different taste, and to give a big fat slap to the cheek of routine. Imagine creating space to actually sit down, breathe and honor the morning. Singing out loud, twirling & maybe a bend and snap for flare while mixing batter is highly recommended.

All of this begs another question to be asked. Why are rules like "no pancakes on Monday" engraved in our brains? Who said Monday had to be so bad? Clearly the only ones getting in the way of a Monday love fest is us and the rule book living in our mind. How easy is it to grab a few simple ingredients (gluten full, gluten free & puppy pancake recipes down below) and whip up some magic?! SO EASY!

Take the challenge to another level and make pancakes on a Monday (yep, tomorrow!) for you AND someone you love: If I clawed away my eye boogies to find someone made me pancakes on Monday morning, I would pee my pants right then and there - cue dramatic pause, knee clench, uh baby girl - mama needs to borrow a diaper. But seriously - what a gift. Because surrounding that plate of yummy-in-the-tummyness is quality time. Eye to eye, heart to heart, all before the hustle hoedown of a day begins. How different would your Monday taste with a starting line like this? How different would their day be?

Cesar Chavez said, "The people who give you their food give you their heart.

So spank this Monday and as many future Monday's as you can and realize you have the ability to create the best tasting, sounding and feeling Monday you've ever had, regardless of what you are walking into.

Are you up for the challenge? Share your pancake pics on Instagram using #MondayPancakes and tag us @heysoul__ and we will surprise you with a special gift to your doorstep to keep your tall glass of the Mondays always half full!

So scoot-scoot that bum of yours to the grocery store today, plan on getting that griddle fired up in the morn' to share in the joy of Monday morning.


Gluten Free / Egg Free 
Regular Pancakes
Puppy Pancakes

The challenge is ON. Let's sizzle into the week!

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner