It was LOVE at First... Mala

by Jessie Gardner January 22, 2016

“At some point during our time together, you will probably want to cry.” When a workshop starts like this, you know it’s going to be good.

108 beads + four hours + a table full of goddesses + an intention + a mala making master + (what seems like) a million knots + some deep deep breathing + forehead sweats + healing gemstones + amazement = the magic of the mala necklace.


The five of us gathered round a table for our mala making workshop like preschoolers scrambling to place our carpet square for story time. Here we would learn the significance of the mala necklace, the power of each bead and the meaning of the soulful art we were about to create.

It was clear we had all been counting down the moments to the workshop like we’d counted down the ball drop for New year’s just a couple weeks ago. It was also clear that contrary to the way we spend our normal day, we were starving for a creative experience and an opportunity to fill our hands with brilliantly good-looking, healing gemstones.


In that moment, before we dove into the vast sea of mala making, I realized that what we fill our hands directly reflects what we value.

Think about it. What do you fill your hands with on a daily basis?

So often mine are filled with technology; a phone, tablet, hand clasped around a mouse and fingers pecking away at the keyboard like a chicken hot after its feed. At times, my hands are not filled with the healthiest food options or as active as they should be on the yoga mat. But when my hands are wrapped around my baby girl, or when I’m hand in hand with my husband, when my hands kiss the earth of the colorado mountains or mold around a cup of hot tea … I am happy!

If we are happiest when our hands are full of the goodness in life, then focusing on what we hold onto is an a-ha moment of awareness and what we are choosing as our priorities and valuing.

When was the last time you filled your hands with the fixin’s to make something beautiful?

After all, Isn’t this what we are here to do in this life? Aren’t we all here to create something beautiful, meaningful and as unique to us as our fingerprints?

There is something you are here to create. Your hands are the instrument and the world wants to hear your song!!

Okay, back to the mala!

Like life, our dreams and relationships, you get out what you put into the mala necklace. Every inch of thread, gemstone and ounce of energy put into the mala is rich with meaning, power, intention and purpose.

Just like your life.


You are uniquely shaped in all forms - the way you think, speak, act and can change the world.

So think about what you are putting in your hands lately. Is it what you really want? Is it what is important to you or is it important to someone else in your life? We all have a choice of the work we do and there is an opportunity to create and express yourself, you just have to reach out and grab it.

You never know the beauty you could create until you do it! 

So put those hands to work!

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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner