Knock! Knock! It's LOVE!

by Jessie Gardner May 01, 2016

LOVE is in the air. 
Valentine's is near. 
Give LOVE and you'll be in the clear. 

The way we soak love in and shell it out is unique to each of us. For me, baking chocolate chip cookies for someone that makes my heart flutter is one way I express love. Waking up to an adventure is one way I love to receive it! 

If you are stumped on what to give this Valentines' Day, think about your best friend, mentor, lover or person you want to express your love and genuine care for. Think about a moment you've shared where they genuinely appreciated something you said, did, made or gave. WARNING: You may not find it on a shelf at Target. Dig deeper than the cliche. Dig and dig until you find meaning in what you give. 

Did you know that women feel most loved and men feel most valued by BEING LOVED? 

Create an experience  to express your love in your own weird, quirky, unique and AWESOME way.

Creating experiences is a deep love of ours. For example, in our HeySoul LOVE Box we create this experience: 

One "Speak Love" Tea Bag for two: A custom tea blend of herbs to increase communication and warm your throat chakra.
A Challenge: Invite someone you love over for tea. Get that water bubblin'. Steep the tea. Grab two cups, pour the tea, pinkies up! Then, here is good part... start the conversation with, "I love you because....." and fill in the blank. Eye to eye. Heart to heart. 

So, what does LOVE look like to you? How to you express your LOVE? How do you like to receive it? Think about the experience you can create on Valentine's Day in honor of connecting beyond a box of chocolates and fancy pants dinner. 

The HeySoul LOVE Box is officially available and is full of experiences to connect with love in your life. We make it easy. All wrapped up. Ready to go. Order by Monday and we will get this LOVE BOMB of an experience delivered by Valentine's Day AND we will throw in a handmade, stunning and thoughtful Valentine! Shop the LOVE BOX here. 

And by the way..
We love you because..... you support the wild dream of HeySoul to inspire the world through experiences that create positive disruptions amidst the hustle of life, reconnecting to our true nature and changing lives in the process... all while packaged beautifully, thoughtuflly and with TONS OF LOVE! You are bold. You are stunning. We thank you & we love you! 

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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner