How To Make Mom Happy!

by Jessie Gardner May 02, 2017

Mother's Day Gift


There is no one like her in the entire universe. 

She is strength.
She is beauty.
She is grace. 
She is love.

She deserves love as expansive as the Grand Canyon. 
But since we can't package up the Grand Canyon and tie it with a bow, we better figure out how to pack all that love into this year's Mother's Day experience and it comes down to this.... 

Instead of giving your mom what you think she wants, give her what you know she needs.

What you think she wants:
Flowers, chocolate, brunch, and fill in all the other predictable gifts.

What she actually needs:
The gift of Calm.  

Here's why:

A new survey by found that:

  • One in four working moms cry once a week due to the stress of trying to “have it all.”
  • One-third of moms fight with families once a week.
  • 80% of moms are stressed about getting it all done.
  • This quote sums it up: We really want to be super mom. We want to be excellent at our jobs; we want to be excellent in our relationships; we want to be an excellent friend, an excellent wife or partner; and we want to be an excellent mom. On top of that, we want to have an amazing home that’s beautiful and clean. It’s a ton of pressure.

    As a mom, I am raising my hand high on this one. I relate to this quote 100%. And maybe you do too, or maybe your mom does.

Take a minute and step into her shoes and feel how strong she is, feel how beautiful and graceful she is, but also feel the pressure she is carrying to be everything to everyone, to make the world proud and keep the family happy. 


Mom's are a magical breed and they deserve a gift that makes them feel cared for, loved, and most importantly understood and appreciated. 

Meet The Calm Box: A way to let your mom know that you get it. You understand how incredible of a superhero she is. You honor her sacrifices to keep the family thriving. You've thought about what it's like to be her and found something she truly needs... a sweet dose of Calm. 

So, for those of you that are ready to check your Mother's Day gift off the list while making this year's gift experience one she will never forget, I have a limited time opportunity for you to get the Mother's Day Print FREE when you purchase The Calm Box: 


And if you've just fallen in love with the print, you can get it framed so your mom will never forget why you love her. 


As always, each box is packaged beautifully and intentionally. You can also add a sweet personalized note at no additional cost. 

Cheers to giving love, love, and more love to the mommas of the world,


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Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner