Love Is All We Need!

by Jessie Gardner February 07, 2017

Hello, Lovely!

I'm learning a new life lesson and here's what it is: creating is like a book. Some chapters are revolutionary, some are not so good, and some are so exciting you can't help but tear through it like Pooh Bear to a honey jar. But if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds or what you are capable of creating.

The Love Is All We Need Box is a chapter unfolding and a page turning. When I create something I love, the feeling is a mixed bag of joy, thrill, and accomplishment. But when other people start to love it, share it, give it, and feature it in Reader's Digest Valentine's Day gift guide, I feel like I'm getting bear hugs from every angle, fulfilled, dancing in a wild confetti storm, all while skipping and holding a bundle of balloons.

Lesson being, you'll never know your impact if you never speak up, take action, create your art, and trust in the possibility that your story can impact the lives of others

That said, I've heard your requests to share more about the latest HeySoul box (stepping way outside the warm and cozy comfort zone) and made a video about the inspiration behind the "Love Is All We Need" Valentine Gift Box. 


And the best part about this Love box?! It's only $25 to send a priceless surprise to someone you can't live without ... soulmate, soul sister, mom, mentor, colleague, client, or some other superhero in your world.


Each box is packaged beautifully and intentionally with the option to add a sweet personalized note at no additional cost.

Cheers to giving love, love, and more love,

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner