New Life

by Jessie Gardner March 13, 2018

Someone recently asked me, "What do you think is the greatest positive disruption?" and I didn't have an answer at the time. But now I've got it - new life.

It is with incalculable amounts of joy that I share with you a new life and sparkly soul of a girl, my second daughter, Naomi Ray Gardner who joined us on the dance floor we call life Friday, March 9th (see this little flower below).

I'm not sharing this just because she is rocking all the cute baby vibes, but rather because of what she represents: new life.

New life is around us and available to us always. New beginnings are a choice, whether it's lighting that new purpose on fire, breaking out of an unhealthy habit, relationship, or job, or completely reinventing your environment .... new life isn't exclusive to storks and moms giving birth. New life is at your fingertips, no matter how many years you've graced this sweet earth.

So often we forget no matter how long we've been doing something, we can bring new life to our world if we pay attention to what we are here to create, give, and share with others. 

New life. Where could your world benefit from new life and how can you make it real?


Let me know what new life means to you in this season.

Cheers to new life (of all kinds),


Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner