The Gratitude Workout

by Jessie Gardner January 26, 2017

Drop Down And Give Me Gratitude!

They say the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body.  

Well, someone should tell them they're wrong.

I'm pretty sure it's our gratitude muscle.  Science just hasn't caught on to the magic.

It's that time of year when new workouts are all the rage and I'd like to propose a different breed of workout - The Gratitude Workout. It builds, shapes, and firms your outlook on life, how you approach the day, connect with people in your life, and as far as I know, no squat can do that.

I looked up the 5 things that make a good workout great and applied them to gratitude: 

1. Make a plan: Break out the calendar app on your phone or that fancy 2017 planner you've got and choose one minute every day to do your gratitude jumping jacks. Pencil or tap it into your calendar to repeat and give one minute to practicing gratitude daily.

2. Warm up: Get your gratitude muscle warmed up by closing your eyes, inflating your lungs as big as a hot air balloon and letting it all out as slow as a snail scooting along the sidewalk. Prepare yourself to burn off the negativity. Breathing creates space in your brain for new, good, thankful thoughts.

3. Use proper form: Pen to paper. Fingertip to phone. Scented marker to poster board (do you remember those?! I'd always end up a rainbow of marker dots on my nose from smelling those ridiculously amazing scents). You pick your weapon, just be sure to write it down. Let your grateful thoughts land on a napkin, your phone, a journal or the wall. Write it somewhere. Anywhere. Even Oprah believes keeping a gratitude journal was the single most important thing she's ever done

4. Track progress: Anyone who has climbed a mountain can attest that getting to the top is the culmination of thousands of single steps strung together. A little progress each day adds up to results. Take a moment before you go to bed to see how you feel and how this practice is shifting your mood, mind, body, and soul. Keep track of how many days you do your Gratitude Workout and how you feel.

5: Stay motivated: Use each grateful day as a reason to build on the work you've done and keep going. Work, twerk, and build your gratitude muscle. If you are visual or just love a good manifesto, here's a link to download the HeySoul Gratitude Manifesto, free. Post it up in your favorite spot. The benefits are massive and research keeps pouring out proving how beneficial integrating gratitude in your life can be. I'll leave a few right here:

Practicing gratitude...
- Changes the structure of our brain. The more we think gratefully and document our gratitude, the more likely we are to seek out people, things, and experiences to be grateful for, activating new neural pathways in our brain. 
- Decreases stress energy levels
- Increases energy levels
- Improves sleep
- Makes you more likely to have a more positive outlook and approach to life
Connects you to what you care about most, your purpose, and greatest desires in life - which are the key ingredients for living the life you desire.

So, are you in? Maybe this is the workout you've been looking for, something to pull you out of the fog and dust. A positive break in the day to breathe and focus on the good.

The only way to find out is to try it. 

Cheers to breaking a grateful sweat. 

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner