The Lessons of 2016 and Sparks of 2017!

by Jessie Gardner January 01, 2017

First, A Big Hearty Hello to The Sparkling New Year! 

Second, I don't know about you, but the book of learning in 2016 feels like the size of the entire Encyclopedia Britannica series combined, but for the sake of time and your eyes reading size 5 font, I’ll share my top three of 2016:

Jumping is hard.

I finally took the hop, skip, trip, twirl, and jump (after 8 years) from my 9-5pm job to the most wildly rewarding and heart-thumping work that is HeySoul. At least once a day, I get the scared-out-of-my-mind-feeling and the peaceful-confidence-that-this-is-where-I’m-supposed-to-be-feeling. It’s a rollercoaster. It’s a risk. It’s a test of persistence, resistance, and passion, and I can feel down to my bones that it’s all worth it. Jumping is hard, but hearing my intuition whisper in my ear to be more of me, do more of what I love, and create what I am here to create, and not taking action, is far worse. It took me 8 years to learn that golden truth.

Entrepreneurship is a life class.

“Get out of your comfort zone” is literally on the top of my to-do list every day. It was on the bottom of my list before I made the choice to pursue HeySoul full time. Everything was comfortable, safe, and certain. There was no need to burst the bubble. Now, I wake up out of my comfort zone and find ways and say yes to anything that peels off another layer of what I thought I needed to be for other people. The freedom of this unraveling is unreal. I’m also starting to feel the synchronicities happening. You know, the ones everyone talks about when you start to follow your heart. It’s happening. Entrepreneurship also forces me to be accountable for my own time is teaching me more about my strengths, weaknesses, desires, and capabilities than I ever known. Class is in session, ladies and gentlemen. Time will tell if I ace this one or not.

I am a mama.

Sounds silly, but it's true. I don’t know if it goes like this for other moms out there, but it took me over a year to really think of myself as a “mom”. Maybe because getting pregnant was a (fabulous) surprise. Maybe because I was never a kid lover and never fantasized about motherhood. But let me tell you, being a mom has shifted my perspective on the world, brought more happy tears to my eyes than I thought could possibly flow, and created the opportunity to feel the power of family. I learned to own the fact that I am a small part of raising the next generation and have a responsibility to raise her with compassion, love, and consciousness of our impact on the world around us. My love is bigger, my silliness and willingness to play has increased exponentially, my work is more meaningful. and I can feel myself evolving as I own a little more of the “mom” title each day. I truly believe my little one is my greatest teacher.  I am proudly a mama. Hear me roar.


2016 HeySoul Hoorah Round Up

It would be impossible to make HeySoul happen without the support of this incredible community! So cheers to you and everything you’ve helped us do this year…

Because of you…

We nearly sold out of ALL inventory this year! Seriously. We only have a few Joy and Creativity Boxes left. That’s it! I am bewildered and honored that HeySoul was the choice gift for so many in 2016 and this holiday season! The demand is firing me up for the launch of the new box line coming next year. Be on the lookout! You’ll have an opportunity to brainstorm with me!

Workshop experiences are sparking something big. I can feel it. It’s just the beginning, but there is a rumbling happening. Each experience I host, someone wants to host one for their family, tribe, or company. I am listening to you and leaning into this big time in the new year. The Creativity Experience and Gratitude Experience are my latest events and more are brewing.

I am on a new path because of you. Through all of the instagram and blog posts, product launches and workshops, I was able to dig through the messiness of life, take serious action, and quit my job this year. I can’t express how huge this was for me. I feel more like my authentic self every day, and that is priceless. Without your support, I would never have been able to make the leap and trust my soul’s deepest and most meaningful calling. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And so it is with gratitude that I wish you universe-size magic, opportunity, love, learning, and joy in 2017!

Happy New Year!

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner