What is a Happy Soul?

by Jessie Gardner March 27, 2018

Hello, Spring Chickens!

I’ve got a question for you. Are you feeling empty lately? Like some part of your life just feels off and is in the land of “glass half empty”?

I’ve got a theory on why this is and how to get a one-way ticket back to your center, your truth, and your flavor of happiness.

When we feel “off” it’s actually great news.


Because it’s a signal to us saying - WHOA NELLY, let’s turn this boat around, this doesn’t feel right, it’s time for a change.

But how many times do we continue to stay on the wrong path, not turn the boat around and try to force our way through stormy waters even though our intuitive voice is saying the opposite?

Maybe you’ve been feeling that one (or many) areas of your life are just empty. The truth is, the longer you ignore it, try to force it, and pretend that “it’s fine,” the harsher the storm becomes and the worse you feel because you are basically silencing the most powerful compass that exists - your intuition. And what happens when you ignore that voice? It gets louder and louder until you listen - kind of like my 3-year-old.

Can you relate? Have you been silencing that inner voice? We tend to do this in various ways, and I speak from experience. We look to others to define how to fill our glass, we seek validation from others, we reflect what we think “happiness” and “success” look like based on what everyone else’s social media feeds display.

We put more effort and value in gaining the approval of others than listening to our brilliant heart and discovering and living into what we innately know will make us feel fulfilled, happy, and purpose-driven. I tried to fill my emptiness at work with a job that every outsider would have said is amazing. I tried to make it “great” in my mind, I tried to validate the work I was doing was meaningful to me, I tried to wear the corporate costume and pretend I felt validated and successful. I tried this for 7 years.

In that 7 years, one of the greatest lessons I learned about happiness is that no one in the whole wide world can define it but you.

The moment you begin to ask yourself what makes your soul happy AND the moment you are okay with the answers that come back, even if they are unconventional and not the “norm”, you begin to paint a picture of happiness that is uniquely yours and that is the masterpiece you want - it is the art of a living a fulfilled life.  

I will tell you now that your happy will look different in your relationships, work, fitness, skills, travel, parenting, success than everyone else’s. Know that this is a beautiful thing and makes you who you are.

It is when we are at home with what makes our soul happy that we can fill the areas of our life that feel hollow. Filling that space with what others feel is important is like my toddler breaking a sweat over a puzzle as she tries to shove a square piece into a circle cutout.

So when you are feeling empty, ask yourself if you are trying to fill that space with the opinions and expectations of others. It just won’t fit and will leave you feeling more alone and lost.

Instead, ask yourself these beauties:

  • What would truly make me happy in this area of my life?
  • What is one thing I can change today that will fill this empty space with my flavor of happiness?
  • What opinions am I letting have a voice that shouldn't’? Write them down and intentionally lower the volume and value you place on those opinions.

The next step is taking action. A happy soul requires action and needs small steps of love and change to bring you back into alignment and back to the thriving and natural state of your happy soul.

So today, let’s honor your HAPPY SOUL!

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With joy,


Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner