When You Feel Like It's Impossible

by Jessie Gardner August 08, 2017

There’s no way.

This was my first (fear-based) reaction when my husband told me that he was giving me an adventure for my birthday. Which, by the way, are the greatest words I could ever wish for on my birthday.

And not only any adventure, an adventure to one of my favorite cities of all time - Portland, Oregon - for a week.

He told me on a Friday. Tickets were booked for Tuesday.

Cue awkward smile showing happy Jessie on the outside but really feeling queasy and doubtful on the inside. Why? Because I I had multiple projects due that week.

He went on, “We’ll hike, we’ll play, we’ll create, we’ll dance,” about all of the great adventures he'd planned.

I went into a fog as he listed all the great things we’d do. My heart was trying to slap my mind out of fear-land to listen to how much I needed this, how much I wanted this and how I HAD to go.


See, the truth is, I had three large client projects, all with deadlines during the same week we were supposed to be galavanting in amongst the trees. With a to-do list as long as the red carpet, I had no idea how I’d be able to go. It seemed impossible.


UNTIL I remembered a great phrase by Marie Forleo, that “Everything is figureoutable


UNTIL I realized that half of American’s don’t take their paid vacation because of FEAR of losing their job, FEAR of not being able to catch up, FEAR of being disconnected, FEAR of not being needed, FEAR of not being supported by their boss. (Glassdoor study


UNTIL I realized that travel and exposing ourselves to new people, experiences, food, art, cultures, and traditions are what expand our concept of the world as we know it.


UNTIL I realized there is no moment like the present.


UNTIL I realized all I had to do was be creative, have courage, and ask.


So I did. I talked to each client about the trip and my plan of how I would still get the job done, even if it meant a few days later than planned.


And you know what?


Every one of my clients said yes to my proposed plan and said GET ON THAT PLANE.

And so I did, and it was one of the most amazing trips I’ve had in a really long time. The unforgettable kind. The kind you talk about for years and make a photo book about that has all the tattered pages because you’ve relived it so many times.


And to think, even before my husband could finish telling me about this incredible adventure, I was ready to say no simply because fear said so.


Think about how many things we say no to something, put it on hold, hesitate to take action on it,  assume the answer is going to be no, simply because fear said so. Think about how many brilliant things have fizzled before the opportunity, relationship, or adventure could even catch fire. 


I encourage you to challenge yourself every time you assume the answer will be no, or that the client won’t understand, or that the timing isn’t right, or think that you don’t know how to do something, that you come back to the idea that everything is FIGUREOUTABLE.

There is always a way if you want something bad enough, you just have to believe you can figure it out.

And if you haven’t taken any time off this year, or have taken very little, book an adventure somewhere - anywhere. It may be to your bedroom to just rest. It may be to Alaska or South America or Las Vegas for all I know.

Point is, you may think it’s not possible and that your boss will never “let” you, but have you ever thought that it might just be you that is not “letting” yourself take time? This is especially the case when you work for yourself. It can be hard to give yourself the time off, but it is necessary for your soul.

So, it's time for your adventure. Have the conversation, have the courage, and assume the best will happen. Let me know how it goes.


To figuring it out,

Founder, HeySoul


P.S. Here's us, arms wide, hearts open, enjoying everything about this adventure...

Jessie Gardner
Jessie Gardner