The Creativity Box is perfect for your favorite artist or the person feeling the need to connect with creativity in their life.  This hands-on experience puts a spotlight on the individual gift and talents we all have.  We light the creative fire with a creative challenge to go beyond the lines and create something never created before. We were all born to create, but how often do we use this superpower? The Creativity Box is the perfect way to unleash the creative superpower.

  • Chevron Fabric Creativity Space: This thick felt is designed to be unfolded and spread across any table or area you deem as your creation zone. Let it set the space and tone for what you are about to create!
  • Creativity Candle: Scents of citrus open up the creative part of our brain. Light this handmade citrus candle to fill your senses with the scent of creativity. Change your environment into a place where creativity flows!
  • American Apparel T-shirt: High quality v-neck T-shirt that will be your canvas for this experience!** When making your purchase, please select your shirt size. 

  • Soul symbols: Create your own or use our soul stamp images to inspire your T-shirt creation.
  • Create with Soul Pencil:  This pencil boasts the mantra "Create with Soul" to remind you that every mark you make on this project or in the world should come from a place of your truest self and the end product will be beautiful. 
  • Stamp Creation Set: Top quality tools to create your own soul stamp including carver with 5 sizes of carving tips, tracing paper to trace your design and press onto the block of rubber. You'll also get a roller and a tube of vibrant fabric paint so your soul stamped t-shirts lasts for years to come!

 Reconnect with every creative muscle in your body and dive head first into the HeySoul Creativity Box!

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