Hello, Heart.


This gift experience is fun, connection and rituals anyone can integrate into their lives to feel more connected to their heart.

This heart-filled gift experience full of three rituals designed to inspire you to quiet the world around you, say “hello!” to your heart and listen. 

So often we rely on the expectations that others have set for us or the voices in our heads to determine where we’re going. But when we feel lost and overwhelmed or find ourselves questioning the way our world looks, our heart is where the answers are.


Hearty - A Handmade Robot to remind you to listen to your heart

Leather traveler's journal - To capture your heart songs and document the sacred conversation between you and your inner compass

Heart-shaped beach stones in a dashing red heart bag - To ground you and give you a special process when you feel like you need to silence the world around you and raise the volume of your heart.

As always, hand-packed with love, ready to give, at no extra cost.

This is a small batch, available while supplies last.

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