The Gratitude Box inspires you to take a snapshot of your life. Look at who you love, who loves you, the beauty around you, the sky above and the earth below. This is the perfect gift to reconnect with a positive outlook about the goodness around you. How often do we rush by the small things that make life possible and wonderful? Gratitude is a daily practice. Come back to wonder, genuine thanks and appreciation for what exists in this moment.

Pop that Top! What's in the HeySoul Gratitude Box:

Glass Half Full Drinking Glass: The glass of life is always full, if you choose to see it that way. Fill up this cup HALF FULL, take a long and fabulous sip, and remember that life is good and something to be wildly grateful for.

Gratitude ManifestoGorgeous HeySoul Gratitude manifesto on glorious card stock ready to be displayed as a daily reminder of gratitude!

HeySoul Gratitude JournalStart each day by writing down one thing you are grateful for. This practice can change your life. Document the greatness of life!

Gratitude Thank You Letters: Specially designed thank you cards to thank the people you are grateful for. Take time to write down your love and send it away!

Love Bomb: When we see poverty and hunger, we come back to reality that every bite we taste and every square foot of shelter that keeps us warm is a blessing we often go without it crossing our hurried minds. We’ve packaged up a love bomb for you to hand deliver to someone you see on the street in need. Be their street angel and surprise them with a love bomb full of things to fulfill their basic needs. 

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude with the HeySoul Gratitude Box. 

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