JOYFUL BOX - Limited Edition Collaboration with Ingrid Fetell Lee


THIS SMALL BATCH COLLABORATION EXPERIENCE CREATED BY HeySoul and Ingrid Fetell Lee, Author of Joyful & CEO of Aesthetics of Joy. You can watch her TedTalk about Joy HERE

Ingrid Fetell Lee, Author of Joyful, defines joy as an intense temporary experience of positive emotion, one that makes us smile and laugh and jump up and down. It’s different from happiness which is how we feel over a longer amount of time and this is what inspired the Joyful Box! 

1 Beautiful Copy of Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee

3 Rituals to bring joy into your life with 3 amazing items: Bubbles, Rainbow Prism, & Confetti Egg

This box is the brightest and most colorful box we've ever created and perfect for anyone needing more joy in their life.


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