The perfect gift to express your love, The HeySoul Love box experience is designed to inspire you to connect with LOVE. You can do this by yourself or with a partner! It is an experience and a journey through self-love and expressing love for one another. The hand-picked products take you through the expression, emotion, reflection, giving and sparking of love in your life!

Every product comes with a fun challenge to connect with love in your life.

Pop that top! What’s in the HeySoul LOVE Box?

    • Self-Love Manifesto: This manifesto will speak to your soul and inspire you to think about your own self-love manifesto. Written by Gala Darling.
    • Speak Love Tea: This tea is a custom blend of tea made specifically for our HeySoul Love box. The tea masters at Buddha Teas crafted this tea that nourishes the heart and throat chakra to allow you to express your love. 
    • Chocolove: When we fall in love, the phenyl ethylamine is released in the body, this is the same chemical released when we eat the finest dark chocolate. Enjoy this savory treat and take a moment to read the love poem inside!
    • HeySoul Love Journal: This radiant red journal was custom designed for our HeySoul Love box as a playground for reflection on all the things you love and sources of gratitude in your life.  
    • PuraVida Bracelet: This bracelet is from PuraVida, an organization that is dedicated to empowering people in Costa Rica to rise above poverty. This new intricate bracelet features "faceted beads" with a geometric shape that will give your wrist a nice subtle sparkle. The ritual that comes with this beautiful bracelet is all about giving and how by giving love, we receive it right back.
    • Heart Sparkler: Love is contagious! When you are lit up, the people around you are lit up. Light his oversized sparkler up to represent the light that is brought to the world when you open up your heart and let love in!

We invite your soul to experience LOVE in a brand spanking new way. This is a beautiful gesture of love and a gift that will inspire and make an impact on anyone wanting to have a rendezvous with love as a way of life. 

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