The Mind + Body + Soul Box is perfect for someone needing a fabulous reason to quiet the distractions buzzing around their busy life and listen to what their mind, body and soul are calling them to feel, to live and to experience. This spectacular box includes stunning products teamed with a meaningful exercise to align mind, body and soul.

Pop that top! What's in the Mind + Body + Soul Box?

To Nurture the Mind: The amazing journal and book, Life's Big Questions published by SoulPancake. Within these pages you will find inquisitive questions about life you may have never asked yourself. Socrates said the quality of our life is dictated by the quality of questions we ask ourselves. Let your mind go on a roller coaster with this book!

To Nurture the Body: A trifecta of all-natural body products to treat your body to a soothing and softening experience. We all need inspiration to take time to rest, rejuvenate and honor our bodies. 

To Nurture the Soul: A handmade, modern and stylish bracelet to cuff your wrist and remind you to connect within. It reads "awake my soul" and inspires conscious action on a daily basis. 

To Connect Mind, Body & Soul: A full set of cards with yoga poses and instructions for each - great for all levels of yogi's. Yoga allows us to calm and train the mind, inhale and exhale with our whole body and hear the calling of our soul. Use these to inspire a daily pose to connect Mind, Body and Soul.

For anyone feeling disconnected, lost in the hustle of life, or wanting to connect at a deeper level,  this is the perfect gift! 




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