The HeySoul Box is an experience made for the soul. We create meaningful gifts, at the right moment, in the right place, when it's needed most.

The hustle of life has made giving feel like climbing Mt. Everest. We all want to give with heart, something meaningful and unforgettable BUT the tumbleweed of to-dos just keeps getting bigger. Enter HeySoul.

We create packages of bliss, you personalize it, and we send it. Ahhhh exhale.

Let us do the work; the nitty-gritty handcrafting, the everlasting search, the gorgeous packaging, and shipping. All with soul. Because we believe giving isn't just for holidays. When we see a need, we want to give. Needs happen spontaneously, beyond what is marked on a yearly calendar.

When you give, you have the opportunity to say...

I love you

You are cared for

You are loved

You are special

I’m really thinking of you

I hear you

I empathize with you

I'm here

You are worth it

We believe everyone needs to feel these things more often. We want to help you make that happen because you and your loved ones deserve it.

The HeySoul Box. A meaningful gift, at the right time, in the right place.