Gratitude l The Experience was designed to create a space where you not only discuss the power of gratitude but feel it. When we practice mindfulness through gratitude, we not only change the structure of our brain, we can change the structure of our life.

Gratitude l The Experience
is a dynamic experience including a vibrant vinyasa flow to embody the somatic experience of gratitude, a discussion session around the power of gratitude, a guided meditation, and an interactive experience to take gratitude from concept to action.

What to expect:

Two hours of gratitude in action. We will and go through a discussion and meditation process about gratitude to understand it's impact. Then we make it real through an interactive experience and identify ways to integrate gratitude into busy lifestyles. Each attendee gets their own gratitude worksheet to bring these actions home.

It's awesome to share this experience with someone you care about. You are welcome to come solo or amplify your experience by bringing a friend/lover/family member.
What's included
  • 2-Hour workshop highlighting interactive experiences, useful tools and the latest gratitude research. 
  • Yoga Vinyasa Flow lead by Jenn Perrel
  • Gratitude Experience workbook, tools, supplies
  • All supplies and tools needed for the interactive experience
We've hosted The Gratitude Experience at businesses, yoga studios, schools, women's groups and private parties and are inspired by new venues and groups to share this experience! 
or email me directly at info@gratitudetheexperience.com
I look forward to making magic with you!